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5 Things You Didn’t Know about a Plasma Treatment

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June 30, 2022

Platelet-rich plasma treatment has become increasingly popular in recent years, so you’ve no doubt heard about it. Maybe you’ve even had a Plasma treatment. However, at Eterna Cosmetic Surgery, we find that many patients don’t really understand what Plasma is all about or how it can benefit you. That’s not surprising, considering that the uses for this treatment continue to expand.

Plasma was originally used by orthopedic surgeons to speed healing of joint injuries and surgeries. But those same healing properties can be applied elsewhere within the body. Plasma is very versatile because it provides a wide array of therapeutic advantages. Here are 5 things you may not know about Plasma: 

1. It’s Not Creepy!

Let’s get one thing straight. There is nothing cringe-worthy about platelet-rich plasma. Unfortunately, someone a few years back coined the expression “vampire facial” as a clever way to describe Plasma usage in conjunction with microneedling facial treatments. Yes, it does involve blood, but it’s your own, and it’s only a little bit.

To create platelet-rich plasma, Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez takes a small sample of your blood and then processes it to concentrate the platelets. Those are the components within blood that carry growth factors to wound sites, where they trigger generation of healthy new tissue and blood vessels by activating your own stem cells. Dr. Hernandez uses Plasma in two ways to benefit patients:

  • Injection. Placing the Plasma serum precisely into the targeted area is an excellent option for treating small, specific areas.
  • Topical application. Microneedling or Morpheus8 treatments both create microscopic punctures in the skin, so lathering the surface with Plasma serum in conjunction with these treatments allows the Plasma to easily penetrate to deeper layers where they can do their work.

2. Plasma Is Good for Your Skin

Used as a stand-alone treatment or to boost results of another treatment, platelet-rich plasma’s regenerative properties can do impressive things to improve the appearance of your facial skin:

  • More uniform skin tone
  • Smoother texture
  • Minimized appearance of wrinkles
  • Minimized appearance of crepiness due to skin laxity
  • Restored volume

3. Plasma Is Good for Your Hands

Hands can look older, sooner, than your face. Plasma treatment with microneedling or Morpheus8 helps restore volume and hydration and improved appearance, thanks to production of new, healthy skin.

4. Plasma Stimulates Hair Regrowth

Thinning hair can be a real frustration for all genders, even if you’re younger. Plasma treatment to the scalp works to rejuvenate this important skin, which in turn helps trigger renewed hair follicle health and function.

5. Plasma Can Perk Up Your Sex Life

Feeling not quite as peppy in the intimacy department as you used to? The O-Shot® for women and the P-Shot® for men are proven to restore healthier skin tissue and blood flow, which can help increase sensitivity as well as function.  

Plasma Is the Ultimate in Personalized Treatment

Negative reactions to cosmetic enhancement products or treatments are not common, but they can happen. For example, you may be allergic to some product or one of its ingredients. More often, some options are simply not good choices for certain people, due to their skin type or some other factor.

Platelet-rich plasma is literally unique to you since it’s made from your own blood, so there is never a worry about negative reactions. Not only that, if you want additional treatments in the future (or Dr. Hernandez recommends a series of treatments to achieve best results), the “product” is always readily available.  

Want to learn more about Plasma? Make the call to schedule a personal consultation.

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