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Microblading, Microshading, and Microfeathering: What’s the Difference?

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June 30, 2022

Eyebrows make such a statement! They not only frame and emphasize your eyes, but they also help define the shape of your face. They can do that subtly, or dramatically set the tone for your entire appearance. Alas, hardly anyone has naturally perfect eyebrows. At Eterna Cosmetic Surgery, we can help you fix that with microblading, microshading and/or microfeathering.

You’re probably wondering, what’s the difference? Basically speaking, these techniques are very similar. They are a form of semi-permanent tattooing that uses pigment instead of traditional ink and a tiny blade-like device or needle to literally draw individual eyebrow hairs. The big difference is in the results we can achieve with each of the techniques.  

The Problem with Eyebrows

For one thing, trends change. So yesterday’s “perfect” brows may become tomorrow’s “so dated” look. No matter the trends, though, the reason eyebrows are naturally imperfect is those tiny hairs that form your brows.

  • The hairs are sparse, so your brows appear vague
  • Your brows lack definition, thanks to errant hairs
  • The overall shape just isn’t appealing to you
  • Your brows lack symmetry

Up till now, the only way you could correct these issues was by frequently plucking individual hairs and using makeup every day to add color and fill in your brows. Repetitious and time-consuming, to be sure. Microblading, microshading, and microfeathering give you a consistent look, day in and day out.

Microblading Is the Best-Known

As we noted, this procedure adds “hairs” one at a time to your eyebrows to create a better-defined shape and fuller appearance. The result is far more natural-looking than a traditional tattoo, which simply produces a solid color that looks overly bold. Microblading has become a very popular option for women who are tired of the daily effort to improve their brows and those who have very sparse brows or alopecia.

Microshading Gives a More Powdered Look

In recent years, many women have enjoyed wearing a bolder style of brow that makes a stronger visual statement. You can do that with makeup, but microshading does for you. Using this technique, our aesthetician uses a needle or blade to fill in tiny dots of color between the individual hairs. This additional shading gives eyebrows a fuller, deeper appearance.

Microfeathering Is the Newest Variation

Not everyone wants their brows to look bold. So, just as the name implies, microfeathering enhances brows by adding hairs to improve definition and the appearance of fullness, but with a “less is more” approach. The results are more natural but more refined and subtle than with shading or standard microblading.  

So, which one is best? It all depends on how you want to look.

Semi-Permanent Has Its Advantages

Results of microblading, microshading and microfeathering typically last anywhere from several months to a year or two (maybe a bit longer), depending on your skin and other factors. But before you groan with disappointment, consider the fact that you will save hours of time and frustration not having to “do” your eyebrows every day. And then there’s the cost of the cosmetics.

Consider the fact that your eyebrows will not only look exactly the way you want, they will look exactly the same day in and day out.

Then remember that trends change. Two or three years from now, you might want a different look. Or a different hair/eyebrow color. Your face changes, too, as you age. The eyebrows that looked terrific on your 30-something face are going to look out of place on your 70-something face. Good thing you chose a procedure that lets you change with the times, your personal preferences and your body!

Want to know more? The easy way to do that is to schedule a personal consultation.

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