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Fat Transfer to Correct Breast Implants

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June 30, 2022

Breast implants have been popular for decades with women who want to enlarge or augment the shape or profile of their breasts. Over the years, implants have improved considerably, for safety and to provide a more natural feel and appearance. However, there are still risks associated with implants and a variety of health or aesthetic problems can occur.

Leaking or otherwise damaged implants must be removed right away. Implants can also migrate, develop ripples or become visible if the overlying skin thins – problems that can only be corrected by removing the implant. Even without problems, we generally think of implants as having a 10-year lifespan. Technically, they come with a lifetime warranty, but most manufacturers will not cover the cost of replacement after 10 years, no matter the reason.

So What Happens Next?

One obvious answer is to replace old implants with new ones. You can get the newest product options, and choose a different size or shape if you want. However, some women are rethinking whether they want more surgery – or more implants. And an increasing number of women are choosing to have their implants removed early as a preventive measure, to avoid potential future problems.

Fat Transfer Is a Popular Alternative

Fat transfer can be an excellent choice to correct problems that occurred with breast implants, and it is also an excellent first-choice breast augmentation procedure for women who do not want implants or surgery. With this procedure, we use fat from your own body to re-size or shape your breasts. Essentially it is a two-step process, an in-office procedure performed under local anesthetic:

  1. Using liposuction to remove fat
  2. Strategically inserting the fat to achieve your desired breast appearance

Fat Transfer is Natural

Today’s implants are more realistic than old-style products, but nothing looks or feels more natural than your own fat. There is no risk of rejection or allergic reaction.

Fat Transfer Can Accomplish Multiple Goals

We can use fat to:

  • Increase overall breast size
  • Change breast profile (shape or projection)
  • Re-balance asymmetrical breasts
  • Lift sagging breasts
  • Reconstruct breasts following a mastectomy

We do not recommend fat transfer for women who want to enlarge their breasts by more than one cup size.

Fat Transfer Is Simpler and Safer

This procedure is faster, much more comfortable, and requires minimal downtime than surgery. There is no disruption of muscles or other deep tissues. There will be no lengthy surgical incisions, sutures, or scars to worry about. Dr. Hernandez will make a few very tiny incisions for liposuction and fat insertion, but these will heal quickly and be virtually undetectable.

There is no risk of future leakage, migration or other damage that could diminish the appearance of your breasts or pose serious health risks.

Fat Transfer Is Permanent

As long as you maintain a stable weight and healthy lifestyle, fat transfer is a permanent solution to breast correction. No warranty required. And as a pleasant side-benefit for many women, removing fat from some other part of your body can give you slimmer, trimmer contouring there as well.

If you’re worried about correcting problems with your current breast implants or getting implants in the first place, fat transfer may be an ideal solution for you. There’s one way to know for sure – schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Hernandez, and together you can explore all your options.

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