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When to Combine a Facelift with a Neck Lift

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June 30, 2022

Facelift and necklift are two separate procedures, but combining them often works to achieve the most comprehensive, balanced and youthful-looking results.

Both procedures are designed to tighten and smooth skin. Facelift addresses wrinkles and sagging on the lower face from just below the eyes to the jawline, while a necklift addresses the area from the chin/jawline down to your throat. Combining the two means you only have to undergo a single in-office procedure, with a single recovery period, so you get more extensive results with a smaller time commitment and cost.

Your Face and Neck Create a Single Impression

Genetics and lifestyle affect how our bodies age and respond to sun exposure. Often, it’s your neck that starts to show unwanted effects first – wrinkles, banding (“wattles” that sag from below your chin down toward your throat), softness along the jawline, double chin or sagging jowls. The overall effect can subtly pull down your face, leaving you looking older or chronically tired even if you don’t have much facial wrinkling or loose skin.

Most people, however, develop wrinkles and loose skin on both the neck and face. Combining a facelift with a necklift can help you look years younger, better rested, and more energetic.

Combination Surgery

If your wrinkles and skin laxity are severe, surgical correction may be your only effective option. Surgical procedures can (and often do) include tightening underlying muscles as well as skin tissue, which is why they are most effective in correcting the appearance of moderate to severe wrinkles and sagging. Surgery can take a decade or more off your appearance. But there will be incisions. Although they will be as small as possible and are usually hidden in the hairline or behind the ears, you will still have scars.

But you don’t have to wait until your neck and/or face is in obvious need of a lift to take action. At Eterna Cosmetic Surgery, we can help you regain – and retain – a more youthful, lifted appearance less obtrusively.

Impressive Results without Surgery

At Eterna Cosmetic Surgery, we offer Suture Suspension Facelift and Neck Lift. These procedures, easily combined, offer an “early intervention” alternative that can correct signs of aging in your 40s or 50s before they become more noticeable and require more extensive treatment.

Using this minimally invasive alternative, Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez can achieve 50-70% of the lift that surgery typically produces. She can address the entire face, including the brows, which a surgical facelift does not (unless you combine it with a brow lift). So she can more precisely and completely custom-tailor the procedure to achieve your desired results.

The Suture Suspension Facelift technique is minimally-invasive so both the procedure and recovery are faster than surgery. All in all, combined Suture Suspension Face and Neck Lift (brow, mid-face, and neck) takes about two hours and downtime is just 2 days. It’s easier on the body so there are far fewer risks or potential complications. The procedure not only delivers immediately visible improvement, it stimulates ongoing renewal of healthier, firmer skin tissue. Results are very natural-looking and can last as long as 5 years.

Age Happens, No Matter What

You can turn back the clock but you can’t stop it from ticking. No matter what treatment you choose to rejuvenate your face and neck, your body will continue to age. Eventually, you may want to undergo another procedure to refresh your appearance once again.

Meanwhile, even smaller, more subtle improvements can make a big difference – in your appearance and, perhaps even more importantly, in your self-confidence. You’ll be smiling more. (But no worries, Botox injections can help prevent those extra smiles from creating extra wrinkles!)

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