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Is Renuva permanent?

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June 30, 2022

Wouldn’t it be nice if all cosmetic enhancement treatments were permanent? Just one visit to our clinic or MedSpa here at Eterna Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez or one of our skilled aestheticians skillfully waves a magic wand, and your face and body look shapely, smooth and youthful forever after. Alas, that fairy tale day has not yet arrived. For one thing, our bodies continue to change with time.

Nonetheless, medical science has done wonders to prolong the wonderful results we all want, by developing new, highly advanced treatments and procedures. One of them is Renuva. Results from this treatment can last up to five years.

A New Kind of Injectable

Although the treatment is minimally invasive — similar to other types of dermal fillers — Renuva itself is different. Instead of the usual combination of hyaluronic acid and other ingredients, it is made up of allograft adipose tissue, which is an FDA-approved derivative of human fat. Not only does it literally fill areas to replace volume and smooth contours, it contains proteins, collagens, and growth factors that trigger the body’s natural production of new blood vessels and skin cells.

Thanks to these regenerative properties, Renuva treatments can produce healthier skin with smoother texture and more even tone.  

We can use Renuva to replace smaller amounts of lost volume, fill depressions, or smooth surface irregularities anywhere on the face and body. So it might be a good choice if you are bothered by any of these issues:

  • Nasolabial folds (deep smile lines) and deep frown lines
  • Sunken cheeks or temples
  • Thinning lips
  • Loss of volume in the back of the hands
  • Uneven contours or dimpled skin on the breasts or buttocks (sometimes caused by overly-aggressive liposuction )
  • Sunken scars such as those from some types of acne

Another benefit of Renuva is that it is not affected by skin rejuvenation treatments. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are dissolved by radiofrequency microneedling and other treatments, so combining these options is not effective. With the advent of Renuva, Dr. Hernandez has an additional “tool” to fully address your concerns and help you achieve maximum cosmetic enhancement results.

Depending on your skin condition, treatment location, and desired results, Dr. Hernandez may initially recommend a series of treatments rather than just one. After that, you can expect results to last much longer than results produced by other types of fillers. Will they be permanent? No, we cannot say that – again because we know your body will continue to change as you grow older.

If you have been considering fat transfer as a way to add volume in a specific area, Renuva may be a preferable alternative. Unlike fat transfer, there is no need to harvest fat from a second site on the body, which can significantly reduce time commitment, potential discomfort, and risk of complications.  

Less Frequent Touch-Ups

Since our bodies do continue to age despite our best efforts, Dr. Hernandez says patients can restore volume lost with aging by undergoing Renuva treatment after 3 to 5 years. These “touch-up” treatments require less product than the initial treatment or series of treatments to restore the significant volume loss that most patients initially have.

The best way to learn more about Renuva and whether it is the best choice for your skin improvement goals is to schedule a personal consultation. That’s easy to do, so why not give us a call today? 

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