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Why more men are getting male breast reductions

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June 30, 2022

An increasing number of men are asking about procedures for male breast reduction — especially those in their 20s to 40s. Here at Eterna Cosmetic Surgery, we aren’t surprised. Why not get male breast reduction when impressive results are more accessible than ever? We offer both surgical and nonsurgical solutions to achieve a leaner, more masculine chest contouring, permanently.

If you’re a guy with enlarged breasts, you’ve probably tried to exercise your way to a smoother chest. We applaud you for trying, because eating right and physically conditioning your body are always healthy choices. But all that effort hasn’t produced hoped-for results, has it? You’re in good shape, yet your chest still doesn’t have the shape you want.

That’s where male breast reduction comes in. We can correct the problem, giving a big boost to your self-image and confidence.

Why choose Dr. Elizabeth Hernandez?

In a word, expertise. She’s a medical doctor and experienced surgeon. She understands the various factors that cause enlarged male breasts, and she knows the underlying anatomy. She has the know-how to determine if surgical intervention is needed or if a minimally invasive in-office procedure will achieve the results you want. And she has the practiced skill to deliver personally detailed results.

Male breast reduction options

At Eterna, we focus on providing individualized treatment. Dr. Hernandez often accomplishes that by combining more than one technique to achieve an optimal blend of benefits for each patient. This is especially important for male breast reduction, because there may be excessive loose skin or tissue in addition to unwanted fat.

Surgical reduction (mastectomy)

For guys whose skin is firm and who have only a modest amount of excess fat, traditional surgery can be very effective. In cases where more fat must be removed, Dr. Hernandez augments surgery with liposuction. And for patients who also have loose skin, she may augment surgery with nonsurgical BodyTite and/or Morpheus8 treatment to achieve optimal results.

Nonsurgical techniques

Most patients do not require surgery. Instead, Dr. Hernandez uses a custom-tailored combination of techniques including BodyTite, Morpheus8 and, if needed, liposuction. These procedures work together to gently melt and remove fat and tighten skin to produce a smoothly contoured surface. Some patients elect to add Plasma as part of the Morpheus8 procedure, which delivers concentrated growth factors to the targeted area to speed and enhance healing and final results.

Nonsurgical options are particularly convenient. They are performed in-office, typically take just a couple of hours, and require minimal downtime – the day of your procedure and the following day. These options are also less expensive than surgery.

Why wait any longer?

Almost any guy over 21 who’s concerned about puffy breasts is a good candidate for male breast reduction. Dr. Hernandez has already helped many men improve their physique, enjoying a flatter, tighter chest and the greater self-image and confidence that can bring. Dr. Hernandez can help you too. During a private consultation, she will discuss your goals and recommend an approach that is entirely tailored to your body and desired results.

Those results will be permanent, as long as you maintain a stable weight. Finally you can be proud of your lean, masculine contours, whether you’re fully dressed or shirtless.


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